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image of Edenbridge Bonfire Society Reveal Their 2016 Celebrity Guy Fawkes

The Edenbridge Bonfire Society Reveal Their 2016 Celebrity Guy Fawkes

Donald J. Trump is looking more and more like a man waiting for the axe to fall. Nothing significant in terms of legislation has happened in his presidency in a long time. In fact, anything this man touches seems to turn to ash and in the end his entire life will end up a pile of dust in the wind of time. Trump’s done and he knows it.

What is surprising is that his acolytes, hangers on and loyal supporters haven’t yet realised their hero is burned-out. You only have to look at Rudy Giuliani to see that self-defeating stupidity is the order of the day and that the Trump acolytes are thrashing about trying to save their own skin. It seems the closer the acolytes get to Trump the hotter the fire and the more they burn themselves and Trump.

Trump’s own vanity and misguided belief he’s the man destiny has ordained will make America great again has led to Trump’s own bonfire of the vanities, with the lies, deceit, dishonesty and outright larceny all coming home to roost on the bonfire that is Donald J. Trump. Trump lit the fire and his acolytes are now stoking the flames.

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