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Our trip to Australia in January was a short trip when you consider the distance we traveled, but due to other circumstances it was the only time we had available to us. But on day one, jet lag or no, we were not going to waste any time on this trip. As soon as we had managed breakfast, thanks to our Airbnb hosts who had provided a starter pack of essential items, we were up and out and looking around the area fairly quickly.

Our first day was a free day and we headed for the cost road, only a hop-skip-jump away from our base. The first thing that greeted us was a beautiful white sandy beach. It was a hot day and a cloudless blue sky and the white sand beach looked so very inviting. I have no idea if this area has shark nets or not and to be honest there were so many people in the sea I assumed it was safe. However, one of the main sea creatures that form a hazard to swimmers is not the Great White Shark, but the smaller stingers… that’s jelly-fish to you and me. The Indian Ocean, it seems, is full of all sorts of jelly-fish that sting and the country is full of people who have bizarre Ideas on how to treat a sting. A fizzy drink poured onto the skin will only dry out and go sticky and rubbing sand on is like taking sandpaper to a wound. Some even believe urinating on the sting helps! I for one will not be sucking out the poison in your leg if you do that. And on that note, no, sucking out the poison will not work either. Application of an ice-pack and seeking medical help seems to be the preferred method of treatment. We decided to give a paddle a miss for now and instead we drove northwards up the coast road.

The houses along this route were large and varied and of a variety of designs. This compared to the standard designs in most UK seaside towns and compared to the similar but more ramshackle Cypriot approach was a refreshing change. So far, everything about Australia was very different to what we were used to. Not unusual, but nonetheless very refreshing and very clean.

As the road continued northward, with little traffic islands leading off into developed housing areas we suddenly had to stop the car. The road had come to an abrupt end with two large containers across the unfinished road, a large sign on the containers stating that this was the end of developed land and beyond was not somewhere you wanted to venture into. Scrubland was all around us as far as the eye could see.

Later during the holiday we would see signs on the main highway announcing new building opportunities for land that was being released for development. Australia, you have to remember, is big… very big.

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How do you fancy getting lost in a maze so big you could fit a house in it? Or perhaps walking with sharks is your thing. With the Kangaroos kicking off and fighting among themselves and the cute Quokkas being a little off hand, it was never a dull moment in Perth during my stay in January 2018.

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Living in Cyprus: 2015 here

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