Quokka © Mathias Verdon

One place I wanted to visit on my recent trip to Australia, and unfortunately didn’t make it due to time constraints, was Rottnest Island. Apart from it being a great boat trip from either Perth or Fremantle, it had on the island a population of what must be my favourite Australian animal, Quokkas.

These super cute little marsupials are so friendly they follow you around if they take a shine to you. Okay, I’m not so dumb as not to realise if you feed them, they will follow you to the ends of the earth, but nonetheless, they are still cute.
Imagine my delight when I discovered that there’s a family of Quokkas at Caversham Wildlife Park when we visited there. It looked like I was going to meet a Quokka after all.

Now imagine my disappointment at them taking not the slightest interest in me, so much so the little family group decided to turn their collective backs on me. No food you see, and they were looking sleek and well looked after. Never underestimate the power of food over a hungry animal.

Next time you want a loved one to pay you some attention, lock the fridge door and hide the key.

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