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London has changed, in more remarkable ways than I ever thought possible when I was last here.

Last time I was in London, my eldest step-daughter was being married, which was about 12 or 13 years ago. The tube rickety, a London Red Bus took cash for payment and the William and Harry were not ready for marriage.

Now, the tube is still rickety, Harry and William are married and the driver of the number 76 bus to Waterloo has just informed me, “Oh, we don’t take money!”


Well, that was the major change and then we found that the traffic was so bad our hop-on-hop-off bus experience was overshadowed by the traffic. It’s taken hours today to see what we wanted to see. We wasted at least two hours simply sat in traffic jams.

And the noise? It’s so bad my ears are aching as I type.

Our trip to London is still good fun though, even though the walking is taking its toll. I need new feet. But the worst is yet to come, feet wise. Lake Como here we come… and could you please make sure the mountains are flattened when we get there, I doubt my old feet can take it.

Tom Kane in London (c) 2018

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