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If you don’t know already, I’m going to tell you now, I’m six feet 2 inches tall. This means I don’t fit to well into the seats given to those of us who cannot afford business class. Friar Tuck obviously couldn’t afford business class because he was sat in front of me in the flight over from Cyprus to London. His head and my face became best of friends during the 4.5 hour flight as he decided to push his seat as far back as possible… as everyone seems to do when I fly anywhere.

This being a flight on cheapo airlines, the space provided is zero and you either suck it up or get you wallet out and pay extra. My wallet was jammed into my jeans so tight I had no choice… that’s my story anyway.

Anyway, back to Friar Tuck and his head. Friar Tuck, by the way was one of Robin Hood’s merry men. A small fat bald headed man who loved his food and beer. I’ve no idea if my Friar Tuck was related but he sure did fit the bill. His head was fascinating in that it was grooved from the top of his head to the hairline at the back, in four places, two either side of his bald head. I was seeing something about him that only I and his barber had ever seen… a rare privilege, to be sure.

As there was nothing else to see I also noticed he had a few grey hairs sticking up, at random points, like radio masts on the barren surface of the moon, except this moon was a sun tanned brown but just as devoid of life as out lunar companion in space.

I know, I know, I’m babbling, but believe me there was little else I could do than write my observations in my head as I was trapped in my seat for all those hours.

I wouldn’t have minded except my wife observed several hours after we landed in London that “It wouldn’t have cost us too much for an upgrade to Business Class.”

Now she tells me!

Tom Kane in London (c) 2018

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