Today it’s the end of the road, our break has finally come to its conclusion and we are flying home today. But will not get home to bed until about  four in the morning as both our flight from Milan’s Linate airport to Rome and the flight from Rome to Larnaca are delayed.

So, I’m using this time to my best advantage and writing up my final blog entry, though I do have a few more to add which I’ve skipped a little due to time constraint.

We left our Grand Hotel Cadenabbia and have taken the tour guide’s coach to Milan Malpensa airport. Due to a dumb mistake by yours truly, we couldn’t fly from Malpensa to Rome, where we are due to catch a flight home to Larnaca. My mistake was to book an Alitalia flight from Linate airport in Milan, not Malpensa. So our tour guide dropped us off at Malpensa and we had a prearranged ticket purchased for the coach shuttle from Malpensa to Linate. I say coach with my tongue in cheek. Every coach at Malpensa airport were shiny looking well maintained luxury coaches, except ours. Ours was more like a jumped up mini-bus, a rocking and rolling mini bus at that. But it was a pretty quick journey, mainly because like drivers in Rome they have one speed, very fast.

Talking of fast, I’m sat in Rome’s Fiumicino Airport writing this, with a delay of one hour staring us in the face. The flight from Linate to here was delayed by 45 minutes, but the old aircraft they put on as a replacement was pretty quick and made the time up admirably, but nonetheless it was a bit of a rock ‘n’ roll flight, much the same as the bus ride from Malpensa.

All I want now is a bit of peace and quite, like in Larnaca at 3 am when we land. Nothing will be stirring and we can drive in peace for 20 minutes and collapse in bed for a well deserved rest.

That’s the problem with holidays, I always need a holiday afterwards to recover!

Tom Kane © 2018

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