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image bougainvillea flowers

If you like plants in your garden and you live in a hot country then there’s a problem when you want a holiday, because your plants will die unless you water them on a regular basis. A kindly neighbour offered to water mine while I was away… and so did the spirit in the sky, throwing down gallons of the stuff on the day I returned – thanks!

Now everywhere looks like drowned rat territory and though most plants have survived my two weeks off, a couple have shuffled off this mortal coil, while others have thrived.image Grapes on the vineC’est la vie. I’m not one to worry too much. But what did concern me were the fruit trees, grapes and tomatoes.

image of tomatoes

No need to worry though, as they are all doing very well with the grapes especially liking the sun/rain/sun/rain of late.

Even my Bougainvillea plants have lush flowers on them now (see the top image) which is a bit of a change because they didn’t before I went away, despite being watered almost daily. I’m missing a trick with these beauties, but no matter, I’ll get it right one day.

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