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Immigration is a problem in America as it is worldwide. The movement of people between countries is unprecedented and some countries cannot cope. That is a fact. There are ways and means of limiting immigration, but Donald Trump’s current policy is not the way forward, it’s a step back to a dark time when Europe was under the Nazi jackboot.

What is also a fact is that Donald Trump is ripping small children and babies from their parents on America’s southern border as a deterrent to stop others attempting to cross into the USA. This is immoral and inhuman behavior, the likes of which have echoes from the past. America, it looks to the rest of the world that you may have helped defeat the Nazis in 1945, only to end up nurturing them and even becoming a Nazi state yourself.

People of America, what American officials are doing in your name is nothing short of a brutal shock tactic against all the norms of human behavior. Inhuman behavior implemented by Donald Trump and something he can put a stop to with a simple phone call. But he won’t and in fact he seems to be trying to increase the numbers of children snatched from their parents.

All Americans should hang their heads in shame.

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