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I wrote his piece two years ago and it is giving me no pleasure in stating I was right. I sincerely wish I had been wrong.

Donald Trump’s blatant human rights violation in snatching children from the arms of their parents is causing justified outrage across the globe. In America will that outrage turn to civil unrest? Is the same going to happen in America that happened during the civil rights movement?

The brutal murder of 14-year old Emmett Till in 1955 shocked not only the American nation but caused outrage world-wide. What happened in the following years was a long line of civil disobedience in many forms. By 1963 Birmingham, Alabama, was one of many cities rocked by what Martin Luther King would call “the whirlwinds of revolt.” During the spring over a hundred cities across America had seen and felt the consequences of mass protests.

In the years that followed America saw many mass marches, riots, shootings and even murders, the most famous of which was that of Martin Luther King himself.

America is quite rightly and famously proud of it’s freedom heritage, its belief in democracy and the rights enshrined in its constitution.

But at some point, enough will be enough and Donald Trump’s current strategy to demonize the Democratic opposition, wage war on immigrants and hold children to ransom as a political bargaining chip could easily boil over into a summer madness of violent protest.

It won’t take too much to spark a new wave of civil unrest. The majority of American people have already been battling since November 2016 resisting a demonstrably unfit President.

Has Donald Trump gone too far this time?

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