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image of a diy composter

Here’s something I’ve been meaning to have a go at for months, and finally got round to it a few weeks ago.

It’s a DIY composter and so far the results are great. Only problem I had was with holes for allowing a flow of air. My old drill packed up so I had to use a weeder… no, not what you’re thinking of.  One of these.

image of a vinyl weeder

Mine’s a straight one with a very sharp point. I use it when I’m pressing vinyl onto t-shirts, as in the image below. It’s used to ‘weed’ out any excess material, like the middle of ‘Os’ etc.

image of vinyl print on a t-shirt

So it took rather a long time to create lots of very small holes for the air flow. There is an advantage though. The holes are many, but so small no critters are going to get inside and make a nest. I’m thinking of ants which are the bane of my garden.

So in went the veg peelings, egg shells, a bit of newspaper, tea-bags, coffee grounds, left over fruit and a bit of soil.

The only other thing I had to ensure was that the lid was well secured.

image of a DIY composter with lid

Back in England I bought a composter, especially designed for composting. One thing the manufacturers didn’t think of was securing the lid. Why secure the lid? Because I went down to the bottom of our 80ft garden to throw stuff into the composter, pulled off the lid and was greeted by a rat the size of a cat chewing away on a carrot. I was back in the house before the lid hit the floor!

So if you follow my example, make sure the lids secure. The rats in Cyprus are even bigger than English rats and then there are the snakes which love to spend the winter under a nice warm compost heap. We’ve already had a snake wintering in the pool-machinery housing. It’s not that I’m afraid of snakes, far from it, but we have two types in Cyprus that are poisonous and one could kill kids, animals and old people. As I’m in the latter category, I am fully aware of the dangers. Think about that one for too long and you’ll have nightmares for a week.

Tom Kane © 2018

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