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I’m committed now, I’m going to bomb my concrete garden.

Don’t worry (or maybe you’re clapping with delight?) I’m not using explosives. I’m going to bomb my garden with seeds, seedballs to be precise, from the lovely people at

In case you’re not keeping up with these posts, I have a concrete garden in Cyprus. A few pointers here:-

  1. Cyprus is in the Eastern Mediterranean sea, not far from Turkey and Syria.
  2. Cyprus is hot.
  3. I don’t have a garden as such, it’s all concrete – so I use plant pots of all sizes.

So far, I’ve managed to grow grapes, nectarines, oranges, lemons, tomatoes, lettuce and loads of flowers and olives… the olives were by mistake.

Now I will let you into my secret desire. To grow a meadow here in Cyprus.

A stupid dream? Yes, but I’m always an optimist and even though a true meadow needs hooved animals to chomp its way through your meadow and replant the seeds for you, I can hopefully find a way round that. Harvey, one of my English Springer Spaniels, loves the veg I grow so that’s a start… not!

A meadow in pots, well, maybe, but if this works, then there are plenty of areas around here where seed bombs could work… and Cyprus still has a thriving goat farming community.

Seed bombs away… when they get here. Which is the main sticking point, because deliveries to the island from the UK are dire.

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