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image African Marigold

Homegrown African Marigold

It’s not super hard to grow plants in Cyprus. After I’ve sown seeds I love the feeling I get when the first shoots appear. That feeling is even better when the shoots are from seeds I’ve collected. Even better when the original seeds were bought.

The most successful I’ve been is with African Marigolds. A small pack of 20 odd seeds has turned into hundreds of seeds which come back year after year.

image African Marigold Seeds

African Marigold Seeds

These African Marigold seeds are among a collection I have ranging from tomato, to primrose to black & white grape seeds.

My black grape vines are from seeds bought from a company in china and are so successful, with a bumper crop of big and juicy sweet black grapes, I may even been attempting wine production next year.

So now I’m an avid collector of seeds. There’s a down side to all of this though. Not only have I not enough pots to go round in the spring, in the autumn I haven’t enough space to store all the seeds.

Maybe I should just buy some land, grow lots of fruit and flowers and then set-up a stall by the side of the road. Who cares if I don’t sell anything, at least I won’t go hungry.

image of a fruit stall

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