It’s a Cyprus Dog’s Life: Depression

image of our dog Harvey

Playing the waiting game is one thing, but yesterday was a very long day waiting for news on Harvey’s operation. His Ataxia problem, quite common in dogs his age and his type, was going to be sorted out out with an operation either yesterday or today. By late afternoon we had heard nothing and again I understand because they are busy, but we had to telephone to get any news and again we were told the vet working on Harvey would call us back.

The call came through after six in the evening and it was not good news, in fact it was a major blow. Harvey had been ill during the day and vomited up food he had been given earlier. Tests showed he had another problem, a cyst on his pancreas.

The operation for his spine had been called off and the MRI scan had been forwarded to an expert for their opinion on whether the cyst was benign or… well, you get the picture.

So we are thrown back into limbo and playing the waiting game but the agony is now doubled.

Depression has set in and I’m certain this cloud isn’t going to lift anytime soon today.

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