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What started out as a series I was posting to my blog about dogs in general and how they are treated in Cyprus, has become much more personal.

Our eldest English Springer Spaniel, Harvey, has been at the vets since Saturday. His back legs gave way and he collapsed. He was diagnosed with Ataxia and his case it’s three discs he has a problem with and one in particular is causing fluid to seep into the spinal canal, which caused his collapse.

It’s treatable as the MRI scan revealed. But yesterday Harvey was sick and before going ahead to put him under they scanned him and discovered what appears to be a cyst on his pancreas, causing a sack of fluid to form. The problem is they can’t operate in his current state to get a biopsy. So they are treating him on the basis it’s not cancer and if this works he can then recover and have his operation to repair the discs.

But if he doesn’t get better within 24-48 hours we have a serious decision to make.

I feel we are currently clutching at straws. Only time will tell. So we continue with the waiting game.

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