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It’s been a roller coaster week since I last posted about Harvey. His initial problem with his spine, Ataxia, was due to be operated on a week last Tuesday. But an ultra-scan showed a large mass on his pancreas. The vet suspected pancreatitis, but it could easily have been cancer. Harvey wasn’t eating and was too ill to operate, so they decided to treat for pancreatitis in the hope it was nothing more sinister. It took a few days but Harvey pulled round and started to eat.

By the week-end just gone Harvey was ravenous, always a good sign. By the start of the week the vet’s did another ultrasound scan which showed the mass had not gone down as much as they had hoped. It was decided they would do an exploratory operation to see what was going on with his pancreas and if all was well and they could fix it then continue to do his spinal operation.

The last two weeks have been pretty much a wait and see period. Yesterday Harvey was scheduled to have his operations. The wait up until noon that was a nightmare. But the receptionist telephoned and told us his op was over and he was okay. Not a lot of news but the vet would call us later. By mid-afternoon the vet had telephoned we knew Harvey’s condition was a little more serious than we had thought.

It turns out pancreatitis wasn’t the problem. He had a cyst between his small and large intestine which had caused the bloody mass. This had then attached itself to his pancreas. The vet removed the mass, cyst and part of his intestine and sent these for tests, but he believes it wasn’t cancerous.

Next the vet did the surgery on Harvey’s spine, which went well.

Now we play the waiting game once more. We have visited on a daily basis until yesterday. We decided yesterday he didn’t need any excitement after his operation. Today we will visit in the morning and give him a little bit of light food and keep our fingers crossed he recovers well from both operations.

Then the physio starts on his back and we see how much he can move and what his muscle wastage is like. Once he’s strong enough to come home we will be shown by the physio how we can work on Harvey in our pool. Let’s hope it’s not a cold winter!

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