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After over three weeks of playing a very difficult waiting game with Harvey’s illness, he has finally been given the all clear to come home by the vet. Yesterday we collected him in the afternoon and so begins a pretty intense period where we have to work on Harvey’s physio ourselves for a week. If after that period we need more professional help then we have access to that.

Harvey’s problem with the cyst has now cleared up with surgery and that’s fine. It’s his back problem and lack of ability at walking on his back legs that’s the problem. However he’s a fighter and despite the vet telling us we would need to ‘massage’ him to make him pee, we’ve found he’s fully functional in that respect. His presumed inability to pee and walk were hand-in-hand with the symptoms of treatment for Ataxia, but Harvey has surprised us all by attempting to walk as soon as we got him home yesterday. He’s even taken to chewing a bone, one of his favourite pastimes.

It took him all of twenty minutes to take the end off that bone, then another and now he’s on his third. But we’ve made sure he’s not been able to swallow any of the bone.

He’s also managing to walk, though somewhat wobbly, a short distance and have a pee ‘unaided’ even managing a little squat to do so.

All in all, Harvey’s doing great and we have the fab vets and staff at V3ts in Larnaca to thank.

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