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After Harvey’s operation on his spine and his stomach we found Holly has a lump growing near her spine. So we visited the vet once more and thankfully the vet was positive. Holly has probably got a cyst and a course of anti-biotics will, we hope, cure the lump. But if it doesn’t do so in ten days then she’s under the knife. In which case we hope it’s not cancer. Here we go with the waiting game again.

These are trying times, but on Harvey’s side the vet was amazed he had recovered so quickly and so well. Harvey’s powers of recuperation are pretty extraordinary. What he isn’t recovering so well from is the anxiety he’s experiencing due to being caged at the vets for three weeks. Every night since we picked him up a week ago I have had to sit with him during the night as he keeps waking and barks if I’m not there. I’m pretty much a poor sleeper anyway and only need about five hours a night, but currently I’m snatching an hour here and there and then Harvey wakes and barks constantly until I present myself for duty!

It’s something he will, I’m told, grow out of in time. I hope so because I’m becoming a little bit tetchy and that’s not like me as I’m usually pretty laid back. Tonight is a good example, after the visit to the vet Harvey has been hyper. It’s now almost 3am and he is finally settling to sleep. The problem is, I’m drinking so much coffee while baby-sitting Harvey, I’m getting a little hyper myself. Maybe we should go for a three mile run… or at our age a three metre hobble would be more appropriate.

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