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In English there is a saying, ‘time is a great healer’. I’ve no idea who said that, but nonetheless it’s true. Equally true and pertinent is Sigá Sigá in Greek, meaning slowly slowly. Both are true, especially where medical matters are concerned.

Naturally time needs a little assistance from medicine and the ministrations of professionals, like our vet’s practice in Larnaca. I cannot speak more highly of their professionalism and dedication. If it weren’t for that I would fear for Harvey’s recovery from Ataxia and the cyst/abscess on his intestine.

Due to his confinement prior to surgery, which took longer than predicted due to the discovery of the cyst/abscess, Harvey also developed a few sores. These too are all but healed over thanks to the cone he’s been wearing. Harvey has a habit of licking anything with skin attached and is particularly partial to licking wounds, especially mine. So naturally his sores were a god-send to him. The cone has stopped all licking, but allowed him a new pastime, one-dog destruction-derby. He obviously can’t work out the spatial coordinates of his cone, so he simply barges into things, knocks over anything not nailed down and generally causing mayhem. That’s my boy! But the cone can soon be removed, something Harvey and we can’t wait to happen.

He’s getting more and more mobile, except when he’s asleep, he is 14 after all. But his renewed mobility has to be tempered with his wariness of steps or slippery floors. Here in Cyprus floors tend to be tiled for coolness in the summer, so consequently floors are slippery to Harvey. But he’s getting better and better at slippery floors and steps.

His ‘final’ hurdle is the anxiety he feels when I leave the room. Initially he would bark for hours if I went out, he even barked when I went to the other end of the room from him. That has lessened lately, but is still evident every now and then. Plus he wakes up around two in the morning and won’t settle unless I sit with him for a few hours. I’ll wean him off this behavior just as soon as his physical problems are all sorted out. In the mean-time I’m getting a few extra hours of writing every day, between two and five each morning. A real boon for a writer like me, but never the less tiring.

Then we have Holly.

image of Holly

Holly has been indifferent throughout Harvey’s illness. But she too has caused us a scare when we found a lump near her spine. The vet recommended we treat it as an abscess and give her antibiotics. If this worked all well and good, but if it didn’t, then she would need surgery. Luckily the lump has gone down a lot after only five days of treatment, so that’s a relief.

Now all we need is a few days rest ourselves, it’s been a trying time but we seem to have turned the corner.

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