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Ever had the feeling you’re going round in circles and never getting anywhere? I get that a lot with trying to figure out why a book sells or a free book is downloaded.  I have three free books I give away all the time. For no apparent reason, especially with free books, I sometimes have a peak of downloads that doesn’t seem to make sense. It first happened in January 2018 where 1279 downloads of my free book Hitler’s Secret Atomic Bomb were downloaded. Historically this book has seen around a hundred of so downloads a month, mainly in the UK and USA.

I put this sudden peak down to people receiving kindles for Christmas, but it’s now happened again. This time it’s the same title but downloads are almost entirely in India, where I would normally be lucky to get a sale or free download once in a blue moon. Yet so far this month there have been 230 downloads of Hitler’s Secret Atomic Bomb in India alone. Why India all of a sudden? Has there been a sudden upsurge of kindle reader sales in India? That can’t be the answer because the kindle was first launched in India in 2012, six years ago. So it has to be down to some other factor that I have no control over, like for example the emails Amazon sometimes sends out to market books. Indie authors have no say in when their titles appear in such emails, so we have to just sit back, relax and hope it all makes sense one day!

It’s not that I’m complaining, far from it. But I do like to have a little control or say in when and how my titles are marketed. Sometimes, being an independent author can make life a little bit unpredictable.

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