image of our dog Harvey

If you have followed Harvey’s illness you will know he’s been very anxious since we brought him home from the vets a few weeks ago. So much so he was constantly barking if I wasn’t in the same room. He even barked if he couldn’t see me despite being in the same room.

That has now thankfully passed and he’s a lot happier dog. We still have a long way to go in his treatment but he’s walking with greater confidence, jumping up low steps and able to walk down a few steps at a time. He is thankfully stumbling less and less as his spinal injury recovers.

But the poor boy has a small problem derived from his original injury. He goes out and has a normal wee, but on occasions he will do an involuntary wee indoors. Again, this we are told by the vet is normal and should clear up. But the poor boy has also caught ringworm, probably either during his stay in the vets or from the innumerable stray cats that wander through our garden at night. He’s certainly in the wars, but he’s a brave fighter.

Interestingly our other springer, Holly, initially ignored Harvey when we brought him home, but the pair are now re-bonding. We assume she knew he was ill and wanted to distance herself, even to the extent she wouldn’t let Harvey lick her. Now she’s allowing him to lick her.

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