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It’s August 2020 and I’m looking at the autumn fast approaching, and I only hope it isn’t as bad as the winter of 2018, which is what this piece was all about.

When most people think of Cyprus they think of a warm and sunny beach, an ideal place for a summer holiday. We do attract a lot of tourists and they come here during the winter too, but not so much for sunbathing purposes.

This has to be the coldest start to January I have ever experienced, here in Cyprus. It’s so cold I’m shivering and wearing finger-less gloves while trying to type. Last year was pretty bad, while I was away on holiday in Australia. I must admit I’m tempted to go back to Australia.

Everything is sodden and our new home’s outside area is green with mould. My compost bins are very wet inside, despite being sheltered. The rain has come down so hard it’s pulled off the top of my greenhouse.

It’s the same every year, sunny in the morning followed by cloudy in the afternoon and lots of rain and thunderstorms. I should be used to it by now and grateful for the water, it gets very dry in the summer, but this year seems much wetter than is usual. If it’s down to global warming then we will have to suck it up and be prepared for more bad weather.

But positive thoughts are not going to save the planet. Recycling is one way to help as well as burning less fossil fuels. I already recycle what I can and use ECO friendly wood briquettes for the fire. I am also seriously looking at ditching using plastic, even to the extent of using soap rather than shower gel in a plastic bottle. I’ve even considered using a bamboo toothbrush. But Cyprus, or rather the government, despite being in the EU, seems to do little in the way of encouraging recycling. And for a country that has sunshine most of the year, you would have thought that more solar panels on houses was a must. In general though, it’s left to the individual to decide what to do, if anything.

I may have to resort walking the dogs in a canoe if this rain keeps up.

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