Well, we have the results of an fna aspiration the vet did a few days ago and it’s not good. Harvey has Adenocarcinoma which is nose cancer. You can read about it here.

Essentially this is a malignant tumour. There are three options and none of them are good and the survival rate is also not good. Radio therapy, which in itself is aggresive, but not an option because there is no equipment on the island to do this. Chemo, which is tricky because it’s a fine line between killing off the cancer and making the animal extremely ill. Or an operation.

It looks like we are moving toward an operation because in general Harvey is pretty healthy for his age and he has a real zest for life. So the operation will be to remove bone from his snout to reveal the extent of the tumour. If it’s operable, all well and good and we take it from there. If it’s inoperable then to end Harvey’s suffering we will lose him on the operating table. Neither are good choices, but we do what we can.

Time will tell.

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