image of our dog Harvey

The decision’s made. Harvey’s going for his operation on his nose cancer on Friday 3rd May.

He’s doing okay, at the moment. He sleeps fine when he gets comfortable, but the steroids make him quite agitated so it’s hard to settle him down, especially in the evening. But by nine at night he’s ready for his bed and he seems to sleep fine until he wakes me by barking incessantly at around five in the morning. He’s a creature of habit and wants to do his business at that time.

The instances of bloody drivel from his nose has lessened markedly since his dosage of steroids was increased last week. The cancer is, I’m told, not super fast at growing so time is on our side. But what the vet finds when he opens Harvey up is anyone’s guess.

All we can do is make this week a good week for Harvey and sit back and hope.

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