image of our dog Harvey

I knew today would be slow and painful in many ways. It takes time to remove the top of a dog’s nose and it takes time to determine what you find there. Cancer has no respect for dignity in any living being.

I cannot fault our vet, Vaggelis Michael, he has been wonderful throughout, as has all at his practice, V3ts Veterinary Clinic in Larnaca, Cyprus. Unfortunately, even greatness cannot always give us what we want. Harvey’s cancer is pretty much inoperable and if left unchecked… well, you get the picture.

The cancer is localised and with care and medication we may see Harvey carry on for many months. But equally, it’s obvious this may not happen and it may be better advised to let my beloved little boy cross the rainbow bridge.

We will collect him from the vets tomorrow and we will then be given the options. Today has been a traumatic day, a day that I never wanted to see. But it comes to us all and we must meet the inevitable head on. Maybe we will have some more time with Harvey, sometimes known as Sonny Jim when he’s good and often referred to as Mr. Monkey when he’s a little bit naughty and because of his mischievous ways. Harvey was the good, the bad and the beautiful… and I’ll bet he has a little life in him yet. But if suffering is the only way forward, Harvey will not suffer at my hands and I will be there if we need to send him on his way, with a smile, a kiss and a hug… that which he loved the most.

With love & tears Tom Kane 2019


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