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It’s pretty difficult to reconcile a sick dog that has cancer with Harvey who is so full of beans he’s almost behaving like a ten year old springer, not a fifteen year old. In human terms Harvey is probably around a 100 years old, but he is so full of life and vigour I’m having a hard time believing he’s seriously ill. Yes, he has bad days and today is no exception, yet despite his constant snuffling because of the cancer in his nose, he’s still running round the garden and being his old naughty self. Three chewed wooden clothes pegs during lunch is a record even for Harvey. He must be pinching them from the clothes line, which means he’s jumping up quite high while I’m not looking. Well, he is an English springer spaniel.

Yesterday I’ve classed as slow-time because the day was going to be full of doom and gloom and the mood was going to be sombre. It was exactly the opposite and the day was full of light relief and it went at a pretty fast pace, giving no time to worry or ponder on what may be the outcome of Harvey’s operation.

Now the day has arrived and Harvey, true to form these days, woke me barking at two in the morning. He did his business but as he’s nil by mouth he couldn’t have any water. This is a bit hard for him as the steroids make him very thirsty. But I’ve managed to settle him down and now he’s asleep and I sit and wait to take him to the vet for his operation.

I’m due at the vet’s at eight this morning and it’s now four in the morning. The next few hours are really going to be slow-time.

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