imGE OF Nasturtium plantThere’s nothing better to lift someone’s spirits than a few blooms coming out in the spring. With all the woes we’re experiencing with Harvey’s health it’s nice to see the garden in bloom. From Do-it-Yourself hanging baskets with day-glow nasturtium to morning glory blooming, well, in the morning, it’s nice to feel the warmth from the sun and see the colours coming through.

I’ve spent a lot of time between the end of February and now sowing seeds, nurturing them, bringing them on and replanting them in the borders. Now I’m starting to see the results.

The border areas to the house, which I never had in our previous house, are filling up and the roses, jasmine and fruit trees are all beginning to bloom.

image of a border garden

Even Holly is enjoying sniffing the plants.

image of Holly and the fruit trees

I’ve had a few disasters where the seeds have not germinated, notably the strawberries and Inca berries, but mostly everything I sowed has had some success.

image swallow on her nest

We even have our own resident House Martin and the bats are also out in the evening.

All in all it’s looking pretty good so far.

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