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Harvey’s cancer, let’s call it out for what it is, isn’t going to get any better, in fact it will progressively get worse until we come to the point  of no return. We have to face the fact that the inevitable will occur at some point in time. It could be three months it could be eighteen months, but the inevitable will happen.

Having said that, since we put him back on steroids four days ago he has come on leaps and bounds, well okay, a little wobbly but he’s a lot happier, a lot more stable.

Harvey has good days and he has bad days, but lately they’re pretty good and he eats well, gets around and is enjoying his life. That is all we can hope for and expect.

The above was written a few days back and Harvey has had  a couple of bad days and worse nights. Last night though he slept right through… I didn’t because I was waiting for the bark to say he wanted to go to do his business. When I got up at 4am he had been on the lounge floor. He’s at the point where he’s starting to wee and pooh without knowing it. It’s not often, but it may become more pronounced.

Tomorrow his stitches come out and we’ll see what our vet thinks of his progress.

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