image of our dog Harvey

Every day is different, if it wasn’t we would all be bored to death. But when you have a sickly dog, you sometimes wish every day could be the same.

Harvey’s cancer has been pretty stable over the last few weeks. It was never going to get better, but it wasn’t getting any worse. Indeed, we had a great time yesterday around the pool and Harvey was joining in the fun as much as he could. He slept well last night because of that. Then came the body blow.

Harvey eats his meals with great gusto, even taking into account steroids. For his breakfast he was having Pedigree Chum (his favourite) with a little pasta. Halfway through his nose began to bleed. It was slight at first and then it was a bit of a gusher. I managed to clean him up and then it was a mad scramble to the vet’s practice, twenty minutes away.

Harvey is at the vets as I write and he is having bleeding agents injected. What his status is we cannot say until the drugs have been administered and he will be in overnight.

This event is pretty normal for nasal cancer and having read about it extensively, it seems Harvey’s been pretty lucky so far. But it is another step down that slippery slope that leads to an inevitable outcome. All that can be done is to wait and hope.

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