image of our dog Harvey

It’s a calm period since Harvey was first diagnosed with nasal cancer. The turbulence has toned down somewhat, though he did have an episode of a nose bleed a fortnight ago. That was stabilised by our magnificent vet’s, 3Vets, in Larnaca.

Since than he’s gone from strength to strength. But, and it’s a big but, we know he’s not going to get better. He’s 15 in November this year, and in general terms he has slowed right down. But he still loves to play around the pool. He doesn’t too much like to go in the water, but he does go in, sometimes with my help and other times of his own volition… like last week when he fell in trying to grab a ball in the water. Harvey has always loved the feel of a rubber ball in his mouth and will go to great lengths to get the ball. Luckily we’re always on hand to make sure he or Holly can get out the pool and not drown.

Harvey’s health issues are now a waiting game. We can expect more nose bleeds and yes he can’t help himself sometimes and has a pee in the house and even drops the odd stink-bomb as well as a bouncing brown pooh-bomb on occasions. He can’t help it and I’m not going to get mad about it, it is what it is.

We wait and see, it’s all we can do.

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