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What’s the difference between sales and marketing? Most people have no idea and seem to confuse the two. To put it simply, if your books are on sale on Amazon then you don’t have to bother with sales. Amazon does the selling. That leaves you to concentrate on the critical marketing of your book.

Once your book is written, edited, formatted, the cover designed and you’ve chosen what price you want to sell it for, then you are ready to publish. Once published Amazon is able to sell your book. Simple isn’t it? Who has spotted the deliberate error in this plan?

That’s right, Amazon won’t be able to sell very many of your books without the world knowing your book exists. How do you tell the world your book exists? That’s up to you but that is where your marketing strategy comes in.

What was that? You don’t have a marketing strategy?

You have a package ready to market, but you have no idea how to market it. What you need to market your book, put it simply, is exposure.

Anyone remember the slow-motion chase of O. J. Simpson? It was 1994 and people still remember it to this day because it had massive exposure. Now I’m not suggesting you commit a murder to promote your book, there are plenty of other ways to promote a book. Also I’m not suggesting you do your marketing in a particular way. But there are multiple avenues you can do down. Here’s a few ideas.

  • Identify your target audience
  • Build an author platform by creating a website displaying your books with a blog attached to your website utilising content marketing
  • Advertise all your books at the beginning and end of all your content
  • Use universal booklinks for your books, not individual links per country Amazon sells from
  • Use SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to guide potential new readers to your website
  • Utilise sites like
  • Use social media to increase your online presence to spread the word about your book to your target audience
  • Get reviews for your book
  • Use book promotional tools and programs
  • Maximize your distribution channels
  • Run a preorder campaign
  • Run ebook price promotions
  • Host author Q&As
  • Create reader communities
  • Create box sets and bundles
  • Do a book-launch. There are two ways, physical, in a book store, or online.
  • Give away free books in the genre of your othger books, short stories, featurettes or a book explaining how you became a writer. Make sure you advertise your for sale book at the beginning and end of all your content
  • Use Google to seek out and utilise other ideas for marketing your book

These are just a few ideas and in many ways you should choose the ways you think are best suited to you and to your book. Don’t try one and then another and… well, you get the idea. Plan your marketing, don’t wing it.

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