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Once upon a time you could set your watch by the seasons. You knew that there would always be a Spring, Summer, Autumn and a Winter. These days the seasons seem to have merged and moved around. Our spring in Cyprus was basically so wet you could have floated a boat in our garden. Spring seems to be a bit of a changeling these days, almost schizophrenic in some ways. It’s not sure if it wants to give us warm weather or drown us. There is almost a feel of an extra season creeping into the yearly seasonal calendar.

But the summer has turned out to be glorious, and extremely hot. It’s great for tourists and those expats like us who love the sunshine. However, plants have a different perspective and as is usual this time of year the lovely greenery from the spring is now dead and brown.

I’ve still got a lot of great flowers in my garden, but despite the constant watering a lot are dying off. That’s life in a hot climate.

We recently bought a small apartment in Kouklia, near Paphos, which is close to Secret Valley golf course and the weather there is slightly different to that which we experience in Larnaca, where we live. You can tell as soon as you arrive at Petra Tou Romiou as there is a little more coolness to the breeze.

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Which is of little consequence because once you hit the beaches it’s time to slap on the factor fifty and try not to bake. If you’re holidaying in Cyprus, enjoy.

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