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Buying a property has its ups and downs. Buying a property in Cyprus tends to have a little sideways motion to it as well, things that need doing by a certain time can slide a little, especially in the summer. Put it this way, it’s not easy. But then, having something good in your life is bound to be hard to get right and that’s what makes it all worthwhile.

So we purchased this cosy and quiet apartment in Kouklia and then we decided it would be a good idea to rent it out to holidaymakers or golfers as there are two fabulous golf courses right next door. It’s the renting out part that has proved the trickiest thing to get right.

Registering with one of the best booking sites in the world was easy, but setting up the apartment’s location has been a mini-nightmare. The people at the unnamed Booking site keep insisting our apartment is in Paphos City. Apart from the fact Paphos is never referred to as Paphos City, Kouklia is miles away as you can see below.

image of Paphos and Kouklia on a map

As you can see, Paphos is a large town on the left and Kouklia is on the right, quite a few kilometres away. I wouldn’t mind, but this is their map, generated by them. So why shove Kouklia in the middle of Paphos in the description they have put to our listing?

However, no sooner was our listing live than we took a booking. That’s two bookings now and quite a few inquiries. Not bad for beginners.

But it’s driven us a little crazy trying to get this right, so we decided to go away ourselves for a few days, to take a step back and at the same time test drive our apartment. We drove down Wednesday afternoon and came back Friday afternoon. Naturally, we had to try the local eateries, low, and behold, Thursday night is Cypriot night with music and dancing in the streets around Kouklia’s main square, the centre of the village. It’s also a massive buffet night at the Efraim Taverna. This is held every Thursday night and is advertised as a five-star traditional buffet. The dancing was great, the music was great, and the atmosphere was fabulous. We booked a table on Thursday lunchtime and were glad we did. The place was packed. The staff were super-efficient, very friendly and nothing was too much trouble. The food was so good, I ate more than I have ever done so at any buffet in my entire life.

image Efraim staff

The dancing was great to watch, but I’m so glad I sat at the back with my two left feet… audience participation is a must.

All in all, it was very much a night to remember, and the price was so low for such tasty food and entertainment, we may find ourselves back there next week… sitting at the back with my two left feet.

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