image Kouklia Coastal Retreat

If I stand at the front door of my apartment, I get a good view of the Mediterranean sea and can clearly see the waves gently lapping up to the shoreline. I don’t have to stand on tip-toes or crane my neck. Even if my only neighbour is in and has parked his car at the front, that doesn’t obstruct my view.

So currently I’m sipping coffee and writing away to my hearts content. The only distraction is the birds singing and the occasional car that goes past. Sometimes I will see a passenger jet coming in to land at Paphos International airport, which is about 20 minutes down the road from here. Even when there were workmen building a wall opposite me last week it was still pretty quiet. Peace and quiet, just what the doctor ordered.

And it’s suddenly occurred to me that as a writer I’ve always craved my little bit of sanctuary, my retreat, so that I can do what I like to do, write. And here I am, in my own little bubble, writing.

So, while I’m not renting this apartment out to others, maybe other writers or artists, I can use this apartment myself to hopefully get some of my works in progress written, finally.

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image Kouklia Coastal Retreat

image Kouklia Coastal Retreat apartment

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