image animals in Pasha Hotel

Pasha Hotel’s Guests

In the heart of Amman there is a hotel with an eclectic mix of guests. The Pasha Hotel is more a hostel, but it offers good food, clean rooms and good value for money.

image Pasha Hotel

On the roof terrace I can hear an American talking to a local. Three Portuguese girls chattering away and all interspersed with the annoyed duck demanding food. This duck and one or two others is joined by a menagarie of Guinea Pigs, Mice, multi-coloured Chicks, a variety of large and small fowl as well as quite a few Rabbits.

I’ll be writing more on the story behind this interesting array of guests at the Pasha Hotel, Amman.

Welcome to Jordan.

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I’ve been Living in Cyprus for eleven years now. In 2008, things were very different when I moved here from England.

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