image two men at the dead sea

Image by Rottan from Pixabay

The Dead Sea is actually a hypersalinated lake, so whoever thought to call it a sea was probably hoping the snappy title would catch on, and it did. The Dead Lake sounds a bit boring compared to The Dead Sea. In many minds The Bermuda Triangle is on a par with The Dead Sea. Sorry to spoil your day but the dead sea is a little bit boring… and very muddy, no mystery there. The most complex part of the Dead Sea is getting into it. For some unknown reason it seems strewn with rubble. At one point I had a flight of fancy that this was what was left of Lot’s wife, being turned to a pillar of salt after looking back at the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. Then I stumbled, fell forward and my hands sank into the gooey mud. There was nothing for it than to sit down and edge my way into the water. Of course, this been extremely salty water there was no way of getting in the water, I simply floated on top almost.

image woman floating in the dead sea

Image by Rottan from Pixabay

It was a weird experience and partly painful. Any cuts or insect bites you may have start to sting at once from the salt. Whatever you do don’t get the water in your eyes, that’s going to smart… a lot.

image The Dead Sea

Image by Elien Smid from Pixabay

So there I was, float on the water and not in it, paddling away and, well, that was that. Once experienced and the oddity has worn off, there’s not a lot else you can do. You can muse on the fact you are around 400 metres below sea level and you can float, a lot.

So, I did the next best thing, I stumbled my way out of the Dead Sea and took a shower. I could have covered myself in the theraputic mud… who says it’s theraputic? The people trying to sell you jars of the stuff in gift shops, that’s who.

Back in the hotel room I took another shower because apart from being salty and muddy, the Dead Sea has one more surprise… grit! And it gets everywhere!

3 out of 5 for entertainment value but to be quite honest, the Dead Sea looks better from my hotel balcony.

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I’ve lived in Cyprus as an ex-pat Brit for 11 years and in that time I’ve written six volumes of my popular series Living in Cyprus. You would be surprised what it’s like living as an ex-pat in a foreign land… I was amazed.



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