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The G7 meetings are over and the news America has waited to hear is filtering through. Trump’s made himself look a fool several times and he continues to call for the Russian President to be re-instated, making the G7 a G8 group once more. World leaders are having none of it and Vladimir Putin is still rightly excluded after his annexation of Crimea a few years back.

To paraphrase Trump himself, many people have been wondering why it is Trump is actually still the President and not in jail. To me, as to many others, Trump is a con-man, a danger to America and to the rest of the world. It’s so obvious I can’t believe he’s managed to hang on for so long without being impeached.

On Sunday, I was reminded why and how Trump is still hanging on by a song, a song from the 70s by Murray Head.

Say it ain’t so Joe was released as a single in 1975 by Murray Head. He has said he wrote the song about fallen heroes and in notes about the release he also wrote that the song was apparently provoked by a seventies documentary on Richard Nixon, prior to the then US President’s resignation. A newspaper editor was asked, how, in the face of conclusive evidence and proof, his readers still showed undying support for the president they elected.
The editor likened the situation to a scandal in the twenties. Joe Jackson, a famous baseball player, was rumoured to have taken a bribe to sink his team in the final of the World series. Apparently Jackson’s fans hung around the stadium chanting Say it ain’t so Joe and that’s where the title for Murray Head’s single came from.

During the O.J. Simpson trial, some of his supporters also used Say it ain’t so Joe, with a note pinned to Simpson’s gate.

Fallen idols are one thing, but when the current President of the United States tries to lie his way out of difficult situations and blatantly uses his office to profit from his position, then he hasn’t got clay feed, just greedy little piggy fingers.

And in case your wondering what the song was like, take a look here: –

Just listen to the lyrics for a minute.

They told us our hero has played his trump card
He doesn’t know how to go on
We’re clinging to his charm and determined smile
But the good old days are gone


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