All the King’s Horses

image Trump Tower destruction
image Trump Tower destruction

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

For a long time now, since before Donald Trump was elected President of the USA, there has been a query over Trump’s finances. For a man who lives off bank loans it was a bit obvious he was getting money from somewhere other than normal banking channels. Even his sons Eric & Don Jr., have mentioned they received finance through Russia. You only have to read the PalmerReport to realise what’s been going on in Trump-land for years.

“This Russia thing…” as Trump once said, was never going to go away. After William Barr’s ham-fisted attempt at suppressing the Mueller report, reporters were going to dig deeper. In fact, go back even further to the very first attempt at suppressing the news media by Trump’s call of Fake News, and it was obvious reporters were going to dig deeper and go further back into Trump’s finances.

So the apparent news that Trump’s loans from a certain bank known for money-laundering practices were co-signed by Russian Oligarchs comes as no surprise. Trump seems to have had his finger in Putin’s Russian gravy train for a long time. Putin, who acts like a Medieval king, plays a long game. But his pawns in his battle for supremacy over America are less than quick witted dupes, they’re as dumb as rocks and at some point, all will be revealed.

At that point, if America were a banana republic or a former Eastern Bloc state, you would expect the masses to rise up baying for blood, surrounding the White House and dragging Trump and family to the nearest jail or even the nearest wall, as happened in Romania a few years back. But that’s not going to happen, not in the USA.

Make no mistake, Trump’s empire will come crashing down and not all of King Putin’s horses or all the king’s men will be able to put Trump back together again. Trump, some of his family and many of his gang and enablers, will be arrested and there will be long drawn out legal battles a plenty that will end in some prison sentences.

But during that legal wrangling process there will be much wailing and gnashing of teeth from both sides of America’s political spectrum. The far-right will slink under a rock and bide their time. The less than average American Joe and his family who voted Trump in will wonder what all the fuss was about and go back to their day-time soaps and staring listlessly at their huge TV screens.

Meanwhile, in Russia, plans will be re-drawn and other means will be used to gain whatever advantage over the West that Putin is aiming for, until such a time the masses in Russia rise up and remove the cancer within their system of government. The Russian people are slow to anger, but when they do get angry, they go for the jugular.

It’s happened before in Russia. It will happen again.

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