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Recently we bought a studio apartment in Kouklia, which is about 15km from Paphos. Our intention was to rent it out and we have so far done very well with this. We’ve had August and September fully booked and a few days in October. We’ve even had a booking for July 2020. We’ve received four good reviews on and Facebook, so we seem to be ticking all the boxes.

image Kouklia Coastal Retreat

However, there is an Elephant in the room, or rather in our apartment. A glaring mistake we have made that we didn’t think we had made. Like the amateurs we are at renting out a holiday apartment, we made one fundamental error. We made an assumption, and to assume is to make an ass out of u & me.

We assumed because people were on holiday they would be content with a TV and DVD player with a whole host of DVDs to play. We even threw in a few books and games in for our guests to while the evening away. But no, we assumed wrongly, because two guests have asked where the TV channels are. Put simply, there aren’t any. We assumed people would be out and about of an evening enjoying the ambiance of the village and its multiple Tavernas. Or even taking a trip down to Paphos harbour and enjoying an evening’s walk. But no, TV is also required.

The reason we assumed TV would not be required is because we don’t watch the TV when we’re on holiday. We either take a walk, have a few drinks in a bar or play cards.

So, as of October we will be putting in a TV package that will have multiple TV channels in Greek, English, Russian and little bit of French thrown in for good measure. If you’re going to do something, do it well or don’t do it at all.

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image Kouklia Coastal Retreat apartment

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