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I’ve written quite a few books over many genres. In each case I’ve known what it is I was writing about. I don’t plan them exactly, I envision them like clips from a movie and each clip is a key stage. I know where to start, what the middle is and what the end is. But my latest work in progress has just made me sit up and think. I describe The Brittle Sea like this:-

The Titanic disaster is the catalyst that sparks a bloody feud between two families in early 20th century America. Romantic Drama – Family saga.

But I now realise there is more to it than that, much more. My main female character, Magda, is on board the Titanic and is struck in the head by falling ice. When she awakes she cannot remember who she is and a new person, Maggie, is born. In the short term Maggie struggles but is befriended by and becomes the lover of her rescuer. But in the long term, thanks to another blow to the head, Magda resurfaces. Though this is a story of lost love, enemies, family feuds and turmoil, it is also about mental health issues.

Though the mental health aspect is not what I was intending as a feature of the novel, it has become key to the story. It’s a story of two psyches intertwined in one mind and the struggle each has to be the dominant psyche, thus creating extreme stress and erratic behaviour.

What has surprised me is how easy I’ve found it to write about Magda/Maggie who are like chalk and cheese. Their characterisation and their emotional state, coupled with their interaction with others has been a challenge but in the end I realised they are two separate people, not two sides of a coin. It’s been challenging but rewarding and is a whole new aspect to my writing.

I’m on schedule to have the first draft completed in a months time. The book is being edited and knocked into shape as I write it, so I’m hoping to have it completed and published in December 2019.

You can read the draft versions of the first 25 chapters by clicking here.

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