I started writing The Brittle Sea in 2013, almost seven years ago. Originally I used the pen name of Mary Allson-Kincaid. But no sooner had I posted the first chapter than someone recognised the style as mine and that was the end of Mary.

So, it’s going to be 7 years in March 2020 since I started the book and at that time I managed to type 153 words. I didn’t write another word until April 2017. By then I had managed 17,424 words. How do I know all this? I tend to save a monthly version of all my writing, so that I can go back over to a previous version at any time. So I have a history of this book and know full well that it’s taken a long time to write. But I also know that since I set myself the challenge of finishing the first draft by 1st November 2019, and that was on 5th September 2019, I have written almost 20,000 words.

Why has it taken so long to write? One word, procrastination, and you can read all about that here. I have always blamed my lack of words on a lack of time, but patently, that is rubbish because even only writing for an hour or so I day, I can manage an average of around 600 words. Every little helps.

I’m still on course to get the first draft completed by November 1st, but then there will be the proofing, the rewrites, the editing and, well, let’s just say it’s a work in progress. Slow progress, I admit, but at least it is progress and not stagnation.

Here’s a link to Chapter One of The Brittle Sea. I hope you enjoy it.

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