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Day 33 and I’ve only got three weeks left of writing to complete my 1st draft of The Brittle Sea. But, as we all know, life tends to throw you a curved ball every now and then.

We received a phone call Sunday night from our vet. Holly had a lump removed a few weeks before and he had just received the results. Not good. The lump was cancerous. It was a mast cell tumour which is a form of skin cancer. She’s been scanned to see if there is any evidence of it spreading and the results are negative. However, the lab is now looking for certain enzymes which if present could indicate and re-occurrence, or maybe not. Oh the joys of cancer.

She is well in herself, eating well and doing all the things an old dog does, but more so because she’s very active.

But the phone call came on the 1st anniversary of our other dog, Harvey, having his diagnosis for Ataxia. Poor Harvey just collapsed one day and couldn’t walk. He underwent major surgery and after months of rehabilitation he was able to walk again. But then we found he had nasal cancer and within a few weeks we had to have Harvey put to sleep. That was just over three months ago.

So we watch, we wait and I’m not going to worry about it. The writing challenge goes on, but I’ll be keeping an eye on Holly too.

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