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Image of Andreas and his JCB Hoe digger

Andreas and his JCB Hoe digger

Murphy’s Law: If anything can go wrong, it will go wrong.

You may scoff, but Murphy’s Law is real and it applies double here in Cyprus. In Cyprus we seem to be living on a technological precipice. At any point, our reliance on technology will bring us all to a shuddering standstill, with commerce unable to operate, businesses transfixed like rabbits in a car’s headlights and simple transactions like paying bills only possible if you’re prepared to drive miles to do so. What am I talking about? The internet. Or more precisely, the lack of internet connection. Even more precisely the current lack of internet connection. It’s happened before and it’s happening again.

Andreas with the JCB Hoe digger has been at it again, I’m sure. Somewhere on the island he has been digging up a road for some obscure reason and he’s inadvertently cut a cable and wham, we’re all back in the dark ages. It happens surprisingly frequently for an island nation that once boasted one of the best telecommunications infrastructures in the region.

Apparently that other major ISP, MTN, had their services cut over Christmas. As MTN use CYTA’s cable infrastructure I’m not at all surprised. When we did our research ten years ago, concerning coming to live here, it was a much vaunted boast that Cyprus was a telecommunications hub without rivalry in this region. That may still be true, but I’ll bet my bottom dollar nobody ever took into account Murphy and Andreas in their plans.

Now the internet is back on, CYTA, our provider, has said the break in services was due to a ‘technical’ problem. Murphy’s Law still holds true.

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Extract from Living in Cyprus: 2018


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