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Having waited patiently for about a year since the new BBC series ‘War of the Worlds’ was announced I was quite excited when it started three weeks ago. It was in three parts and was hailed as sticking closely to the original H.G. Wells book, none of your Tom Cruise Hollywood blockbuster rubbish here, or so we the public were led to think. It didn’t stick to the original, but it was close. The time period was spot on, but there were new characters added and changes made to the original story line for good measure. Okay, that was a disappointment, but I can accept a change to a story due to time constraints on TV productions and artistic licence. Generally speaking it stuck to the time-period and ran pretty closely to the original Wells’ story. But that’s where the praise ends, I’m afraid.

Special effects I can’t forgive in this day and age of CGI. The reason the show was late being aired, so the story goes, is because it was taking longer to get the special effects right. Forgive me for saying the obvious but the special effects were not at all special. I’ve seen better attempts at re-creating Wells’ Martians by amateurs on You Tube. Sorry BBC but there is no excuse for poor CGI in this day and age and you would have done better to use Aardman animations techniques for their wonderful plasticine creations Wallace  & Gromit.

And then we have what I can only describe as a malaise of modern day directors and actors. The omnipresent mutter effect. Yeah, sure, there’s a Martian stomping around outside your window so you’re not wanting to do a lot of shouting to draw attention to yourself. But honestly, why on earth (or Mars) would you need to mutter so much when there isn’t a Martian in sight? Speak up for crying out loud and stop muttering!

The BBC is usually brilliant as shows like this, but I was so disappointed in this that I can’t even bring myself to give it a rating of 1 out of 10. So in the classic style of the Eurovision Song Contest it’s zero points from me, BBC. Please, try harder next time.

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