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It’s been eight weeks today since my accident where I fell foul of a large rock that refused to make way for my tumbling body and subsequent connection to my softer ribs. The result was seven ribs broken. According to the hospital it should take six to eight weeks to be back to normal, whereas my Pharmacy said four weeks. As it turns out neither are correct as it still hurts when I laugh, sneeze or cough. Nor can I sleep lying down. It’s not so much pain now as discomfort. Getting up from a chair or bed can lead to sharp pain, but it’s no longer severe. All in all it’s getting better, but I think it will be the New Year before I’m firing on all cylinders again.

Eight weeks is 56 days. That’s 56 days of not being able to sit for too long and work or write. Sleep is fleeting and even sitting eating an evening meal is still uncomfortable. I decided a week ago to stop taking painkillers as they upset my stomach, and the pain isn’t anywhere near as bad as it was only a week ago. So for the next few weeks I’m looking at discomfort, rather than pain. I can live with that. What I find hard is not being able to do my job or my passion, which is writing.

My novel’s first draft was completed a couple of days before my accident and now it’s been 56 days that I’ve been unable to sit down and give attention to the 2nd draft.

Pain and discomfort I can handle, frustration is harder to accept.

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