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As a kid I was always fascinated by chimney sweeps. Maybe it’s the Victorian in me, but the idea of shoving a small child up a chimney to clean it filled me with fascinated horror. These days, thankfully, things are different and yesterday proved it. Our woodburner’s chimney was swept and the man who did it arrived with a six foot partner and a vacum cleaner. Neither of these guys were climimbing inside our chimney. It took about and hour and the diffrence in the heat was obvious when I lit the fire last night. But then that’s not suprising as the sweep found a birds nest, complete with dead chick, at the bottom of the chimney.

I knew there was a nest or something in there because I had rescuded one bird during spring and another had died, no doubt choking in the dark sooty hole that its parents had built. I’m assuming the nest was built at the top of the chimney and simply slid down over time. They can’t have flown down the length of the chimney to build a nest, surely.

Either way, it only goes to show that nature is a force to be reckoned with, albeit sometimes it does some dumb things.

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