One Flu Over the Common Cold’s Nest

image man illness

image man illness

Having just about got over my debacle of breaking 7 ribs the pain was wearing away over Christmas and I was looking forward to maybe a pain free New Year. Oh the best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men. Instead I caught a chill which quickly became a cross between the flu and the common cold. On the 1st January I ended up laid up in bed, with hot and cold sweats, for two days. Since then I’ve been as weak as a kitten with no appetite and anything I could eat tasted terrible. And the coughing and sneezing has been something of a challenge as it seems to have resulted in re-bruising around the rib breaks.  It’s now the 8th and I’ve gone through almost 11 straight weeks of convalescing, now topped off with a bizarre mutation of the common cold and flu.

Illness I can cope with. Pain isn’t a problem, but the inability to just sit down and do some writing I find frustrating. Such is life though, and to make the best of a bad job I’m just going to have grin and bare what life throws my way. I’m sure it’s safe to say that there is always someone, somewhere, worse off than myself and that being the case, my heart goes out to them.

So, New Year, not quite a new start, more like a continuation of some sort of nightmarish never ending illness. But it will get better, I’m sure.

Hey ho. Happy New Year, dear reader.

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