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I’ve only ever won an award once before, which was from the inmates on the now defunct Glipho writer’s platform who awarded me the final monthly prize for best writer before the platform closed down. I’m hoping it was because I’m a good writer and it wasn’t  just ‘throw the award at anyone, it’s the last one.’

But now, my wife and I have received a whole new award from guests to our apartment in Kouklia, near Paphos in Cyprus.

image Kouklia Coastal Retreat

The award is from for traveller reviews out of 10 and we received 9.1 which is pretty neat. If you’re wondering why the award states 9,1 and not 9.1 it’s because of the way Europeans (except the British) display numbers. So we received a shiny digital award we can now display on our website and social media platforms.

Not bad for a couple who had no idea what we were doing when we bought the property in July 2019 and started renting it out in August that year, but we learned the ropes quickly and we learned them well. If it proves anything, it proves we know how to treat our guests. Let’s hope 2020 is as successful. Who knows, I may even get an award when I release The Brittle Sea later in the year.

I live in hope.

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Kouklia Coastal Retreat


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