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When it comes to writing anything you need to proof read it before you display your words to the world at large. Even if your potential audience is quite small. A little typo can become a big headache leaving your readers confused, lead to untold solicitors fees and in some cases hurt people’s feelings.

I have my golden rule for proof reading. Whatever you have written, read it five times before you release it. Okay, for a 400 page novel that’s going to be a tough one for one person, so you will need multiple people to proof read. For smaller word counts though, like this blog piece, reading it five times should be no problem. And any links you embed, always test them first.

So, when my wife told me she had written a small advert for her Facebook page, about our holiday rental apartment in Cyprus, she said she had pointed out in the piece all the extras we provide for our guests, like a small selection of tea, coffee, biscuits and water. Fans, AC, outdoor furniture and free Wi-Fi.

A little later, my wife sheepishly walked into my office and gave me a look I had rarely seen. “I’ve done something silly,” she said.
“Which is?”
“I didn’t check my spelling.”
“What did you write?”
“I wrote, ‘And of course we offer FREE Wife.'”
There was a brief pause and then, with a very straight face I said, “Okay… any takers yet?”

I think my name is mud. As with all things like this between married couples, it’s always the husband’s fault. Lesson learned, always read your thoughts out to yourself five times before opening big mouth.

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