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Have you got a website or blog that you are having trouble getting people to visit? If your answer is yes then join the club, for there are thousands of other bloggers and webmasters who can’t seem to manage to get many visitors either, me included, until now.

Let me state, here and now, that I have struggled for years with this problem. But not anymore. My blog visitors have almost doubled in the last couple of months and January 2020 saw me reach almost 9,000 visitors to my blog with 12,000 of my posts being read by these visitors. The question is, why?

Okay, my writing and blog pieces may be getting better, but I’m pretty sure they aren’t the only reason. But I had no real idea where these new visitors have come from. It was last month that I noticed something odd happening on my smartphone that gave me a clue. I rarely use my smartphone, and never search for anything on it, always preferring either my desktop PC or laptop. But I suddenly started receiving news information and weather reports on my phone that I had never requested. It turns out that the news I was receiving was almost exactly what I have searched for when finding something interesting to read. The weather reports? Well, I’m always interested in the weather for working in my garden and always looking it up on Google. But it was still an unsolved mystery and I had not connected these strange happenings on my phone to my increase in blog visitors.

Then last week I saw a SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) link that was stating I could get more visitors simply by writing good content. Intrigued I clicked the link. Low and behold, Google had launched a new service called Google Discover. Essentially Google have managed to make their AIs work to push information similar to that which people have searched for using the Google search engine to people’s phones. And it’s all about content.

Google Discover is using the same technology as their Full Coverage in Google News. The idea being to show us different perspectives on news we have been searching for. Great for the reader, but how has this helped me? Well, I write a lot of content on my blog and I use Google Search Console to index all my websites. But in particular I pay a lot of attention to what I write and how my website and blog are setup, always complying with Google recommendations. That seems to have given me the boost I needed because my new found visitors seem to be coming from organic searches which is something of a rarity for me, most visitors were via Twitter and Facebook.

So it seems my content is now deemed good enough by Google to have more traffic driven to my blog by Google Discover without me doing anything other than writing what people want to read.

Oddly enough, when I first started out using a website and blog to showcase my writing, it was my one wish to see the day when thousands, as opposed to a handful, of people read my work. Seems my wish is coming true at last.

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