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The environment we live in is polluted. So much so many are reducing their plastic usage and carbon emissions. We are told buying electric cars will help our environment. But are electric cars as green as we think?

Let me explain at the outset I’m all for keeping our environment crap free. We’ve just had solar panels installed in our holiday rental apartment here in Cyprus for hot water usage and I compost all our organic waste. But, I wonder how much less pollution an electric car produces.

All the major car manufacturers are jumping on the electric band-wagon and riding off into an electric sunset in electric cars. However, how do we charge these cars? Unless your home is totally solar powered, then you are using the national grid. Where does the electric power come from in this case? Mostly from fossil fuels. A minus for the electric car.

Now consider what sort of wheels you’re using on your electric green machine. They are still going to be rubber-based tyres, and these will leave rubber on the road whenever they glide silently to transport you to electric Nirvana. Rubber is probably as bad as plastic for the environment. And what about your electric car’s brakes? Bet they’re not as green as you think.

While we’re considering greenness, what sort of seats are you going to have in your green machine? I hope it’s not leather. How many poor bovine creatures are used to make your leather seat or steering wheel covers? To that end, think about all the animals chewing the cud, farting and belching out methane to enrich our lovely atmosphere with more greenhouse gas.

And then we have the power stored in the batteries in your greener than green wonder car. Are they lithium batteries? The batteries used in electric cars are still using rare earth metals and the extraction of these metals will and does pollute the atmosphere. Not to mention manufacturing your electric car creates pollution by the factory that makes the cars.

Yes, I know, electric cars are producing far less pollution that those running on petrol or diesel. The fact is, electric cars are not so green as most of us believe.

We’re going in the right direction on our electric chargers, I just hope when we arrive at our pollution free utopia, it’s not too late to save the planet from environmental disaster.

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